Creating Layered, Tiled Sand in Gimp 2.6

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In this tutorial, we will learn how to create a sand texture that can be used as a background behind a web page or for game or architecture simulation. Our sand will have background colors that can be changed but with the sand texturing on top. More


Rendering Red Slate tile with Photoshop 7


Date Originally Written: 13 April, 2008
Author: Jason Gonzalez

This tutorial has relocated to this location as of August 2008. To see it in its original location, follow this link:

In this tutorial, we will create photo-realistic red slate tile that will end up with a bump map look to it. This textured surface can be used as part of a 3-D scene in a video game or architectural simulation. Just like in the Blue Slate tutorial, we will make this a large size to avoid too much repetition across the texture. More