Date Originally Written: 8 May, 2006
Author: Jason Gonzalez

This tutorial has relocated to this location as of August 2008. To see it in its original location, follow this link:

Also, this tutorial has been updated as of October 15th, 2008. The CSS code originally given does not work in IE6. The new method for getting rid of the gaps between list items is shown in this article from 456 Berea Street. The new code will be shown in bold.

In this follow up to the previous tutorial section CSS Rollovers- Part 1- Rollovers with Images, we will be making the changes for Internet Explorer (Windows) as promised at the end of that tutorial. Needless to say, you will want to be following this tutorial while previewing in Internet Explorer (preferably 6 and up). If you are viewing these rollovers from any other browser, no further changes are needed. More